There are two versions of agave, light and dark. Dark has more nutrients and minerals and has a stronger taste, our sweetener is dark sugar so you will love its taste. 

Granulated Agamiel has several potential perks over the usual liquid format. It can reduce expenses of shipment and storage space, and it can also perform in the kitchen in ways that waterbased sweeteners cannot. 

Our product is 100% organic, the manufacture process to become the agave plant into Granulated Agamiel is completely free of preservatives. 

We are the only Company that produces this kind of sweetener, most of the Agave Sugars that you are going to find on the market has a different texture, lighter and whiter, this means that is not natural and it hasto go through many chemical processes for the transformation, our product is completely natural processed. 

Our sweetener is sourced from the Jalisco Province of Mexico, which is considered the only geographical region of the country which is legally designated to produce the best agave plant: Tequilana Weber variety, with the unique quality of the volcanic soils of Jalisco, rich in minerals and full of groundwater that enhance the healthy growth of these plant . 

When it reaches its harvestable stage after around 7 years, the center of the agave is cut at ground level and “peeled” of its large leaves. The rich sap is then pressed out to begin the process of reducing it to a low glycemic sweetener. 

Harvesting Agave and enjoying its benefits is an ancestral procedure and now, you’re able to relish it too directly from its main land.

You can find our sugar in different presentations such as:

POUCH - 453.5 g (1lb)

1Lb Pouch

BOX - 50 sachets (5g each)